Cooperation with us?

Are you interested in cooperation? World Comics Finland is a small, all volunteer organisation, with limited financial resources. In the past, we have had cooperation with other organisations in different projects, such as:

- Training NGO activists in how to make grassroots comics in India, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Burundi, Morocco, Benin, Latvia, Lebanon, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland.

- Training NGO activists in how to run local grassroots comics workshops (ToT) in India, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Burundi, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

- Training organisations in the use of comics as an information campaign medium in Tanzania, Mozambique, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.

- Training professional artists in how to make information campaign comics in Tanzania, Mozambique, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. Read more about our workshops...


Contact us if you...

- are interested in arranging a workshop or finding trainers or lecturers for seminars or workshops with the above content, or

- wish to make a publication, such as a manual on grassroots comics in your own language, and would like to use some of our material for that, or

- want to use our downloadable material in your own training, or

- would like to exhibit some of our exhibitions or parts of them. More about our exhibitions

If you wish to use our material in a publication, you should get in touch with us first for copyright.The original source must always be mentioned, and the text cannot be changed without permission.

Our experienced freelancer trainers - all enthusiastic about grassroots comics - are available even on a short notice. All of them speak at least Englaish, and are also used to working with interpreters. They have backgrounds in e.g. teaching, comics and cartooning, fine arts, and development cooperation.