Frequently asked questions

Grassroots comics are a new phenomenon and the same questions are asked everywhere.

Why do you use only A4-sized photocopying paper?

Because A4-size is widely available, you can get it at all places where there are photocopying machines. You can make a wallposter comic by joining two A4s.

The comics are in black and white, why not with colours?

Black and white photocopying is less expensive and the technology is simple.

Is it not better to use a professional artist?

Not necessarily, the local activists know their own issues, their surroundings, language, humour etc, better than an outside artist.

Can you make comics about serious issues?

Yes, comics are a story-telling medium and your story can be funny or serious, or anything you wish it to be.

But comics are usually meant for children?

Not always! Although comics are used a lot for telling stories to children and youths, you can also make stories that are interesting for grown-ups.

If the drawing is not good, will people read the comic?

If the subject of the story is interesting to the reader, and on a local issue, then the quality of the drawing is not so important.

If you have a dull story, no amount of good drawing will lift it.


Inking at a Tamil Nadu workshop