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Almost any issue, idea or fact can be expressed with comics. It is a flexible, attention-grabbing and inexpensive medium, and a powerful tool in communication.

If you have something to say, say it with comics!

Comics are stories told with pictures and text. The medium was first used mainly for entertainment in magazines and comic books. However, comics have also proven very useful as a communication tool.

Comics which are used in information campaigns are often called educational comics or edutainment. Usually these comics are drawn by professional comics artists.

About fifteen years ago, World Comics Finland introduced a concept called grassroots comics, which are made into 4-panel wallposters for distribution in the community. The concept was developed in cooperation with organisations in India, Tanzania, Mozambique and groups in Finland. The method is very simple and does not require much drawing skill. It has been used in NGO development work and in movements and campaigns. These comics are always very powerful because they are made by local activists or the stakeholders themselves. The stories are credible and relevant to the community.

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